Monday, 9 August 2010

Pink Grocery Bag Holder!

Hi again!

Here's another tutorial for you!

Repurposed: Boudoir Cushion to Grocery Bag Tutorial

(Why are they called boudoir cushions? Sounds a bit posh for me!)

First, find yourself a boudoir cushion. They are about half the height of normal cushions and slightly wider.

Then, cut the zipper off the bottom.

Now, turn it on its side and stitch along the edge, leaving enough room to put in the elastic/ribbon.

One end of this tube is already open, but one needs to be cut open as in the photo below. Don't take much fabric off.

Repeat these steps for the other end.

To insert the elastic, I put a large safety pin at one end and feed it through; don't let the other end go all the way through!

When you have fed the elastic all the way round, take the safety pin out and put a normal pin in its place.
Sew the ends of elastic together and cut off the excess.

I like to push the elastic round so that you can't see the join.

Now, just repeat this for the ribbon and then hang up your functional beauty or give it to a friend!

I think it's safe to say that I like making grocery bag holders. This is my fourth. Three I will give to family members and the other one is in our kitchen. I blogged about another one here, a few months back. It is patch-worked and almost as tall as me. In case you were wondering, it makes a good punch bag!


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