Monday, 14 June 2010

Spray Painted Treasure Chest

At the same time I did that project, I used the leftover paint to spray a cute little treasure chest.

I didn't want to paint the hinges, too, so I took them off. I also gave them a clean using these tips. Ketchup seemed to work quite well! I found out afterwards that the hinges are an alloy and not real bronze, but the cleaning tips still worked, and took off years of dirt.

An easy way to find out if your hinges are real bronze or not is to find a magnet and see if it will stick to the hinges. If it does, they aren't real bronze, but an alloy.

After I had allowed the paint to dry (the waiting is the hardest bit!) I put the hinges back on and admired the new finish. I distressed the edges a bit for character and left it at that.

My 'new' chest now sits on my windowsill with my favourite vase (Dunelm Mill, £4.99) .

Unfortunately, my camera isn't behaving so well today, so I had to use flash to take the photo. The flash is making the treasure chest look white, when in fact it is exactly the same colour as the chair!

For you camera geeks out there: The ISO setting is playing up; I change the dial to make it higher but it doesn't seem to make the difference in light and colour that it normally does. Any suggestions for one confused camera geek?

I really enjoy looking out of my window and seeing the elderflowers!  You may not have noticed, but whenever I have photo-shoots on my window-sill, I always point my camera to the left. That's because you wouldn't be so jealous looking the other side, and seeing old cars and houses! :)



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