Thursday, 31 December 2009

Flower Hat Tutorial

Flower Hat Tutorial

Got a nice hat for Christmas but want to make it even nicer? Try this! Great if you want a quick project to do in 20 mins. :)

Ok, so you want to know how to make it? Here's the instructions.

Step One
Get some pretty fabric and a flower post it note. Thank your brother who gave you them for Christmas. Pin the post it note onto your fabric and cut around it. Do this until you have four or five flowers. Don't worry if your cutting's not perfect, it doesn't need to be, and who can cut perfectly anyway? :)

Step Two
When you've cut all of your flowers, put the first one down on the table or whatever you're using.

Step Three
Put the second flower on top of it, but make sure the petals are not on top of each other. Hopefully the photo will explain it a bit better?

Step Four
Do this for the third  and fourth flowers, making sure the petals are not directly on top of the second flower. If you do it like this, the flower seems bigger and bouncier. Now you have four flowers on top of each other.
Step Five
Pin the flowers together, making sure that you don't put the pin in the middle as that's where you'll be stitching! Put it to the side as in the photo.

Step Six
Sew a rough X shape in the middle to hold the flowers together. Use the well-matched thread that your brother and sister-in-law bought you for Christmas. 

Step Seven
We're almost there! Get your hat and a cute button. Put the hat on your lap, the flower on top of that, and the cute button on top of your flower. Stitch all the layers. Make sure you use lots of thread to ensure that your flower stays on well.

Step Eight
Enjoy your hat. I hope the instructions are understandable! Please leave a comment if I didn't explain it very well. Please leave a comment if you like it, too! :) I'll think of some more projects soon, and hopefully I'll remember to photo the stages of the projects, not just the end results as I normally do! :)

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