Monday, 1 March 2010

And the winner is....

Are you excited?!

Entrant number 1: Charlotte (who entered by email)
Entrant number 2: Elspeth
Entrant number 3: Jenna

But who has won? has picked the winner. Here's picture proof!

Ccongratulations Elspeth! Your prize will be posted very soon. :)

Have you ever wondered why I want to give things away on this here blog?
Wonder no more. :)

I am a Christian, believing that Jesus came into the world to die to take away my sins. He rose again victorious over death, and can give us eternal life if we trust in Him to save us from our sins. This is the greatest gift EVER! I like to show my thankfulness to Him by giving things away to you guys. :D

You might have heard the Bible verse "It is more blessed to give than to receive" (Acts 20 v 35) I believe that's true because I am blessed and very happy when I give things away! Hopefully the receiver is, too. :) It also helps me to show them God's love to each and everyone of us. :)

Also, when I die, I want to remembered as a very generous person! I love giving away, please don't ever be shy about entering my giveaways. :D

Here's a photo to end with of some of Elspeth's prize.

See you on Wednesday, I've got a big treat coming up!



  1. Thank you SO MUCH, Lizzy! =)

    I am really excited about getting this awesome kit! You are so generous and I hope and pray that God will greatly reward you for every kind thing you do so willingly for others! Thanks for your lovely blog and all the wonderful giveaways! =)

    Every blessing,
    x x x

  2. That's ok! I'm going to post it today, so it should be with you soon!
    Liz xxx

  3. Hi!

    I'm excited to have found your blog - I am also a teen who homeschools and loves to create things!

  4. Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading future posts, I've got some exciting stuff coming up. :)