Friday, 19 March 2010

Recycled Cards

Recycled cards can be really fashionable.
Take a look at these!

These cards are made from ones I've been given. 
It's so easy to make them, and is very budget-friendly!

I really like simple cards like this one.

You can still make fancier ones, too.
Whatever style I make them, I always stick the cards down with double-sided tape. It's a lot better than glue sticks, and you don't get bumpy cards.
Double-sided tape is also quite cheap! :)

This one was made using a 'clip art' picture from Microsoft Word. I just typed in 'backgrounds' and some lovely pictures came up. :)

See what you can do! Cut up those birthday cards from when you were 8 and make more cards out of them.
What you don't use you can recycle! Budget-friendly and earth-friendly.
See you soon!


  1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun experimenting with these, I made 17 cards last Saturday out of old cards!

  2. These are just beautiful, Liz! I also happen to recognize one or two of the pieces you pinched...;P

  3. Hehe! Yep, the hearts were from your cards, I thought you wouldn't mind as we always seem to do that with each others cards!!! :D

  4. with christmas coming up, i'm gonna try these!