Monday, 22 February 2010

An edible snowman, and a GIVEAWAY!

Sorry, the giveaway is now closed!

Here's what I've been creating today.
And no, I didn't sew it, double-sided tape it, or paint it.

Cute, huh?
He matches our surroundings at the moment, too.
We've had more snow, even when we thought it was finally gone and it might, just might be spring soon.

All I did was to make the shapes out of icing and put them together with cocktail sticks. I pressed the end of a cocktail stick into the icing to make his eyes and buttons.

I love his top hat! :)

Anyway, onto the giveaway!
This month, you have a choice of three prizes.
Whichever one you choose will be presented in this really cute little handmade cross stitched bag.

Choice #1:

Cross Stitch Kit

In this kit:

A Needle Threader

Scraps of aida fabric, perfect for practising your cross stitch or making bookmarks.
And, lots of thread perfect for cross stitch, in a variety colours.

Choice #2:

Card Making Kit

In this kit:

This pack is full of beautiful papers. You could make some lovely cards with these!

There's pretty stickers, too!

Choice #3:

Sewing Kit

In this kit:

This choice is full of lovely fabrics.
It includes two fat quarters, (18" x 21" or 46 x 54 centimeters) one of each fabric pictured.

Also included are two half metre lengths of blue ribbon, and my signature pin cushion, just like the ones I made here.

To enter, all you need to do is comment on this post. Please say in your comment which kit you would like to win. You have until midnight GMT time on Sunday 28th February to enter. will be choosing the winner and it will be announced on Monday 1st March.
I don't mind what part of the world you are entering from and I also don't mind if you won the last giveaway and would like to enter this one as well.

See you on Wednesday!


  1. Lizzy,

    I feel bad being the first to comment- especially as I won the last one. =P But that looks like a gorgeous card-making kit (choice two)! So, YES PLEASE!!!!!

    Love the snowman! =P I also enjoyed the tour of your beautiful room and seeing how you've decorated it since I was last in it!!

    Thanks again for being so very generous with your crafty kits.

    Love and prayers,
    x x x

  2. I would love to win any of them, but the sewing one (number 3) is my favorite! Love your blog by the way, I found it on

    I'm looking for decorating ideas, and it looks like you've got some great DIY ideas. Help if you have time!!

  3. Elspeth - don't worry, you're not the first! A friend entered by email as she's been having problems commenting. ;)
    Jenna - Thankyou, I have some more DIY things coming soon, can't wait!