Monday, 8 February 2010

What to do with old belts and empty frames

Got some old belts, but not sure what to do with them?
Here's some ideas.

I had a cute belt with a butterfly on, but it's too small for me now. So, I took the butterfly off it and made a pretty door hanger.

Tie it onto some thin ribbon. Then, hang it up and admire!

I also used another belt to make a growth chart. All you need to do is hang the belt up and tie tags on (I slip knotted them through the holes with this belt) with the ages/date of when you measured your children.

I used another belt to show a slightly different way you could do it.

For this one, I just hanged the belt up and used mini bulldog clips to put the ages on. I got the bulldog clips from Wilkinson's a few years back, I'm not sure if they still do them or not.

Got some seriously  cute frames, but nothing to go in them?

You could always use matching fabric.

Cute, huh?

See you soon!


  1. hi lizzy, i love your blog! thank u for visiting my OWOH. :-) good luck!