Monday, 15 February 2010

Quick and Cute Glasses Case Revamp!

Want to add some colour to your glasses case? How about a box or anything else that needs some style?
Have a go at this!

All you need to do is stick some double-sided tape down onto the top.

Peel the paper off.
Then, cut some fabric bigger than the glasses case. Make sure you have enough fabric! Stick the fabric down nice and tight. I made sure that I used the side that doesn't fray on the back by the hinge.

Then, put some thin double-sided tape in the inside and stick the excess fabric down to that.

Enjoy your pretty glasses case. :)

I covered this one for my Mum.

I also covered my glasses case, using  fabric that matched my glasses. 

Sorry the bag tutorial didn't appear today, but I am really hoping it will be done this week. I've not been feeling so well and really didn't feel up to sewing. ;)

See you soon!

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