Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Watercolour Flower Cards

Watercolour Flowers

This gerbera wasn't easy. But these fishies were! 

These himalayan poppies weren't too hard.

These bluebells weren't bad either.

This little wild rose was easy, it took about fifteen minutes.

These poppies were nice to do, too.

Irises are hard stuff, but can be fun if you're ambitious, like me!

I don't normally use pen round the edges, but I like how this one turned out.

Sweet peas are nice to do, too. They're a bit fiddly to draw, but you can do it!

I completed this camellia recently. It's one of the best I've done this year. 

Here's one of a rose from my garden. Cute!

Wondering if you could do something like these?
Go on, give it a try!

If you're a beginner, I would suggest trying the fishies. I just sat and watched and drew my own fish. Make sure you're using good quality watercolour paper (I use the WHSmith stuff, not too expensive but very good), paint, and invest in proper brushes. They're not very expensive, either. Draw the outline in a light pencil, don't press hard!  Take your time and perfect your drawing as the better the drawing is, the better the painting will be. Then, paint the fish. Use more colour than you think as watercolour dries lighter.How I painted them was to do orange round their edges, making sure I didn't touch the pencil line. I then quickly washed my brush in clean water and teased the colour down. When it had dried, I used a brown colour to paint in the little details with a fine brush. To do the water, thoroughly wet the paper and drop blobs of light blue in. Admire your work! 

If you want to try flowers,  always start by drawing the middle. Then, do the petals, leaves, and stalks.You can use the same techniques as you did for the fishies. If you want to put pen round the edges like I did with one of the pink roses, buy a proper pen from an artist's shop.

See you soon!


  1. Lovely watercolor paintings, Elizabeth. Well done!

  2. My favorite is the one outlined with ink. Very cool! Susan

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I was really pleased with how that one came out. :)

  4. these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! i'm impressed with the patience it must take to paint them too

  5. Thanks! They take about 2 hours each! ;)