Monday, 17 May 2010

I'm still alive!

Sorry it's been ages since I've last posted; I've been reeaally busy!
Amongst many other things, I've been baking lots of cakes. 
Cake decorating is a new hobby of mine!

This big french fancy cake will probably only make sense if you're a Brit - check out this link!
They're very popular bite-size cakes.

I made this flowery one to try out a new technique.

My brother's football team got into their league's final, so I made him a cake to celebrate.

The day before, my Grandparents had their 55th wedding anniversary!

Then I made these cakes for our Church's senior citizens group.

These last three photos show some of the cakes I made for my Church's youth group!

Onto other news...

A few weeks ago, I showed you how to make a raised bed for your veggies.
One reader asked me to show a photo of the vegetables when they had germinated.
Brianna, this is for you!

The middle row is salad lettuce, and the two outside rows are carrots. A raised bed is perfect for carrots, as they require lots of space for the roots to go deep down. Salad lettuce grows very quick, so it's a perfect partner for carrots as the plants don't take up much space.

Are you wondering why they've not got munched on by slugs and snails?

Simple. We found a perspex 'window' to put over the raised bed.

It's an easy way to keep them at bay!


  1. Love the cakes Lizzy. Would you mind sharing your recipe for fondant? I'm dying to make my own cakes. The baking part, easy, the frosting/fondant, not so easy.

    Love the "football" cake. It made me stop and think for a second because in the states we call it soccer, which makes no sense because soccer is played with the feet so it should be called "football" like you call it. But, our football is played with the hands, so shouldn't it be called handball? Over here they just like to make words up! (nonsense words I mean)

  2. What lovely cakes, Liz. I wanna eat your blog...LOL. The icing is just so pretty- just like that beautiful cake you did for my birthday. That was so special. =)I think the nicest looking ones are the flowery cupcakes- cuteness itself.

  3. Jenna@ I know what you mean, the fondant is the hardest! Here in the UK, we buy packs of fondant. It just always seems to be better than homemade, unfortunately! I'm a real one for making your own, but on this I make an exception! I'm just learning as I go along, but if people are interested, I'll show the tricks I've learnt so far. :)

    Yeah, football and soccer and American football can get really confusing!!

    Elspeth: Aww, thanks!! I had lots of fun making the flower cupcakes, you're right, they're extremely cute and very moreish!!

  4. Your cakes and cupcakes are just beautiful! Almost too lovely to eat ;)

    Your vegetables are growing so well! We are growing tomatoes, chillies, and peppers, but they are still young. I love the idea of being able to go out into the garden to pick the vegetables for supper. And that "window" is a great idea for keeping pests away.

  5. Thanks! :)

    My trick with the vegetables is to plant way more than I think; then lots grow! hehe. :) We're growing tomatoes and peppers, too, but haven't tried chillies.

    See you tomorrow!

  6. coming in from the Trendy Treehouse. loving the cake designs! you are talented.

    join me for SHOE REVAMP WEEK 4/24-28

  7. OH i love the cupcakes and little flowers on top. GJ!