Friday, 23 April 2010

Repurposed: Rabbit Hutch to Raised Veg Bed

Yep, another repurposing post. If you haven't guessed already, I like repurposing and using what I have. :)
But this repurpose doesn't involve sewing, double sided taping, etc.
It uses my trusty friend, the staple gun!
I bought mine from Argos and it has served me well. I've also used it here and here. (Please note - I'm not being paid to say this!) 

My mum and I made our first rabbit hutch a few years ago. Since then, we have made a better one, so this old rabbit hutch has been sitting on its own, rather lonely. It was time to put it to use again, and make it into a raised vegetable plant bed! 

First of all, I took the doors off the hutch. They fell off, so that was easy!

Then, I found six old compost bags and turned them inside out. I stapled them to the hutch, three along the long sides, one at each end, and one on the bottom to prevent leakages. At this stage I was getting odd looks from my family, who seemed to think it looked like a coffin...

But it's the opposite, it will give your veggies a new lease of life!
Now, I filled the bottom of it with polystyrene and pebbles, to help drainage. Sorry, no photo!
Then, it was filled with soil and planted up. 

I stapled the packets of the seeds to side of the hutch so that we would know what was growing.

My mum found an old perspex 'window' to put on top of the veg bed. This will keep it moist and warm, perfect growing conditions.

I then admired my creation for the next two hours and wondered at how easy it was.

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  3. Thank you to you both! I've got exciting stuff coming up soon! :)

  4. that is a great idea! I hope your garden does well!

  5. Thank you! Just six days after planting it up, there is one lettuce plant growing, not bad! :)

  6. Hi Lizzy..
    I'm visiting from New Friend Friday, and I like your blog as I'm a crafter as well. I've become a follower and hope you come visit also. I try my best to manage 3 blogs...2 crafty ones and a recipe site....;

  7. Hi, Just popping in from The Trendy Treehouse..

    I love this idea, we have recently purchased an old farm and there are all sorts of things I have been turning into planters, the best one so far was an old feeding trough!

    Its great that you made the hutch in the first place too!

  8. Hope you post photos of them when the begin to spring up:]
    Can't wait!!

    creative Share Wednesday!

  9. They are sprouting up already, I will try and remember to show them soon! :)

  10. That is a very great creative idea.You are so much appreciated with that. I wasn't even thinking I can do a rabbit hutches into a vegetable plant bed. I once did making a rabbit hutches into a chicken coop. I just remodeled it.

  11. Thank you! It is still holding together and we have grown a lot of veggies in it!