Thursday, 21 January 2010

Doll Quilt Tutorial

Fancy trying your hand at making a doll quilt?
Try this quilt set, the perfect size for Barbie dolls.

Step One
First you need to cut out your pieces. I used a coaster as a template to cut out six of a cute vintage floral fabric, and six of a yellow gingham fabric that was once a tablecloth. I then arranged them as pictured. Now you're thinking,  "Hang on, why did she cut out six of each fabric?" Well, we need a back as well. So arrange them like I did, twice.

Step Two
Then, cut pieces of the yellow gingham to make the binding. Make sure they are quite wide as it makes it a lot easier. Lay them out as shown below. Note: You don't need to make any for the back, they will fold over to make the back's binding.

Step Three
Now, you need to join your squares together.

Stitch them down the sides as shown.

This is what you should end up with.

Do that for all your squares, making six pairs. Remember to trim the seams right down, this way you will have less bulk to quilt through.

Step Four
Get your first two pairs of squares and sew them with right sides together at the bottom.

Make sure that one seam is facing one way, and one the other. See?

This is what it should look like.

Great! Now, sew the bottom one to those two, as shown in the photo.

Do the same for your back squares. You should end up with two pieces of fabric like this.

Now, get some wadding and put it between the two layers, with right sides facing out.

This is what it should look like.

Then, quilt it however you like. I divided them into thirds, and quilted three lines down, and three across. It's best to start from the center, then you don't get fabric bunching up.

When I had quilted all I wanted to, I pinned the binding on. A special trick that I use is to pin one side on like the first photo. Then, I pin the other side, making sure the pins go through all the layers. You can now take out the first pins you pinned and all the layers of the binding will be held together for stitching. I did the long sides first.

Cut your binding at both ends to make sure there isn't lots of bulk material to sew through.

When both of the long sides were stitched, I did the same for the top, sewing over the ends were the other bits of binding are. Before I sewed it, I folded in the corners and pinned them in place. The photos should explain.

I also made two pillows with the scraps and stuffed them with wadding.

See you next time!

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