Monday, 18 January 2010

Felt Phone Holders

Does your phone need something to keep it safe?
We wouldn't want it to get scratched in a bag.
Try this!

Step One
Put your phone on top of some funky felt. Using your phone as a template, cut two pieces of felt out. Make sure that the felt pieces are quite generous. You can cut off any excess fabric at the end.

Step Two 
Sew a cute button onto one of the felt pieces, and a ribbon to the other piece. This will keep your phone from falling out. You'll probably want to pin the ribbon in place, as shown in the photo.

Step Three
Before sewing the edges, check that your phone will fit inside. Use pins to as the 'seams'.

Step Four
When you're happy that it fits, sew the three sides. Admire your creation.

Want to make it, but don't have a phone? You could used it to protect a necklace or bracelet when travelling. Simply loop it around the ribbon and loop the ribbon round the button. Your jewellery will be kept safe inside.
Coming next:
A cute doll quilt

See you soon!

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