Monday, 4 January 2010

Pot mini-makeover

Pot mini-makeover
I really liked this pot, but it needed something more to make it really stand out. The previous owners of our house left it behind, don't you just love free stuff?!

Step One
First of all, you need to clean the pot up a bit. Get some newspaper to protect your surface and then clean away. I just used a rag and a bit of water.

Step Two
Choose your paint colour. I chose to mix gold and bronze metallic paint we bought years ago from Wilkinson. I think they were a 89p each. Put a splodge of each colour next to each other on the newspaper. Mix them together and start painting your beautiful pot. I painted the little details to enhance them. Make sure you have enough layers of newspaper, or the paint will seep through. 

Step Three
Leave your pot to dry for a few hours. Because it is terracotta, it will soak up the paint colour. This looks great as it makes the pot look like it was painted years ago. The photo below shows how your pot looks like when it's just been painted.

Your finished pot will look like the photo below, when it has had time to dry and soak up the paint.

I've never done anything quite like that before, but I am really glad I tried it!

Coming Tomorrow...

A review of my crafty year, including pre-blog crafts you've never seen!

See you then!

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