Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mini Felt Bag Tutorial

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Want something easy to make, but really cute?
Try this.

A cute little felt bag, and a great alternative to the felt phone holders I made here. These felt bags can hold your phone and a few other little things. :)

Step One

Cut your felt to the size you would like it to be. The way I did it is to use one continual piece of felt, so bear in mind that you will want it a lot longer than it is wide.

Step Two

Fold the piece of felt roughly in thirds as shown below.

Step Three

Work out where the middle of the turned-over piece is. Pin your favourite ribbon onto it and then stitch in place. Don't cut the ribbon ends off yet!

Step Four

Next, pin the sides, starting from the bottom to reduce lumps and bumps. Sew in place. Ok, now you can cut the ribbon edges! It just finishes it off nicer if you delay cutting.

Step Five

Find the cute snap fasteners that you inherited from a great aunt or grandma or someone. Work out where you want to position them, and sew them on.

They remind me of roses!

Step Six

This is optional, but you could sew a button on to hide the stitching like I did. I used a button with four holes, and matched them up with the four holes of the snap on fastener and sewed it on using the fastener as guide holes.  This isn't as hard as I thought it would be, and really finishes it off.

Step Seven

Enjoy your super cute bag!

Sorry Paddington didn't appear today, he was old and needed a wash to freshen up. He should be up soon, though!

See you on Friday!

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  1. thank you SO MUCH ... I like it :)